Amedeo Brunello Srl selects food products of Italian excellence to be used and served in our restaurant. These are niche market products, not sold in supermarkets, which provide excellent quality at an interesting price.


Selecting the best Extra-virgin olive oils is an art that you learn through experience: you need to know how to evaluate seasons, climate, the organoleptic characteristics of the olives and find the right balance between the November-December production – which lends a strong “personality” to the fruit – and the sweeter and more delicate January or even February production. Taste our olive oils and discover the importance of flavour.
The Brunello’s Oil is produced from FRANTOIO MARCO that combines 150 years of tradition, 6 generations of the Marco family and state-of-the-art technology in olive pressing and oil manufacturing. In our mill we use the traditional system of millstone pressing and technological centrifugal separation.
All the oil we select and package is kept in stainless steel containers at a steady temperature in order to maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the original olives.

Extra Virgin Olive oil, 100% Italian

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has always been an invaluable companion on the table for seasoning for bruschetta, sauces, roasts, vinaigrettes. Easy to store because it has been filtered, it has a delicate taste with a hint of fruity in the final.

COLOR: green with yellow shades.
BOUQUET: slightly fruity.
TASTE: very clean, harmonious, with a hint of artichoke.
slightly fruity
USES: Perfect for cooking and raw.
Soave with meats, vegetables, bread etc..

Extra Virgin Olive oil, 100% Italian Taggiasche olives

It's a delicate oil with a light fruity finish, round, clean. Soave to the palate, soft and balanced, perfect with fish, fresh salads and with a clever carpaccio or simply enjoy it on a good slice of bread.

COLOR: yellow with green shades.
BOUQUET: gentle and slightly fruity.
TASTE: round, gentle and slightly fruity with a hint of almond.
USES: ideal for gentle dishes.
Perfect for fish, carpacci and raw vegetables.


The DISTILLERY BRUNELLO is the oldest artisan distillery in Italy. Since 170 years and 4 generations, select the best pomace and discover rare and unique varieties to work them with passion and skill. The White Grappa si obtained from a careful selection of fresh red grape pomace and of the highest quality, from the vineyards of Colli Berici (VI), distilled with the traditional method of discontinuous steam distillation, all strictly copper.

Grappa Grand Reserve

The magical alchemy of the wooden aromas and roasting has created an attractive brandy and striking for its amber color. His seductive scents awaken your nose thanks to intense and spicy typical of the Great Reserves. It has a more or less intense straw-yellow colour, depending only on the features of the barrel where it was contained, it. In the palate, it is round, full-bodied but not aggressive, and shows good personality as much as an optimal drinkability, with a fairly intense scent with light sensations of vanilla, tobacco and licorice. Persistent taste, it is warm and welcoming, giving value to the good feelings of wood and roasting that makes it fragrant and complex.